Toshiba Satellite C660 BIOS Descărcare gratuita (ver. 1.­40-WIN)

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Toshiba Satellite C660 (ver. 1.­40-WIN) ZIP Lansat 2011.02.03.

Fișier descărcat de 2979 si a fost vazut de 61535

Categorie Caiete
Brand Toshiba
Dispozitiv Satellite C660
Sisteme de operare BIOS
Versiune 1.­40-WIN
Mărimea fișierului 3.36 Mb
Tipul fișierului ZIP
Lansat 2011.02.03
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BIOS for Toshiba Satellite C660 This Bios Update adds increased functionality to your system.­ (BIOS is an acronym for Basic Input and Output System.­ This program is stored in a Read-Only Memory chip on the motherboard.­ When the computer powers up,­ the BIOS is launched to perform various start-up functions.­)

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